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Why is it our problem if some host we aren't affiliated with hasn't paid you your money?

Stop using it then.

watermen1969 wrote:

and asked to pay what I earned by honest work

So you own all those porn videos that you've been posting EIGHT different filehost links on..?

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First of all, your answer is in front of your face Image
I am an artist who actually creates songs and I use some free services online to publish and sell. They pay me 75% of my sales and they keep 25% for providing the publishing outlet. I'm fine with that. They also have the same $20 Minimum Balance required before you can withdraw. It's written right there in your screencap!

The hard work line had me laughing pretty hard :D
With music, I actually write, record, edit, produce and master my own work.
I'm not sure that DLing and rePosting porn qualifies as work.
Time consuming, yes.
Work, no.

For the record, I don't use their service, CS.

watermen1969 wrote:

Hello. scammer!!!
My username on this file sharing service andyfieldoor
The administrator this forum has not paid me my earned money.
I refused to upload files to his file sharing because a sharp decrease in rates PPD and asked to pay what I earned by honest work, it's been a week already and i still have no money in my account, i'm a respected webmaster, i have my own porn forum,i work on many file sharing services, this is the first file sharing in my practice that did not pay me my earned money. The best file sharing