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Post Link Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:32 pm Subject: Warning, Imagebam is probably using your browser to mine crypto.
I noticed recently, I was getting strange hangs and lock ups whenever I was browsing the site. I did the normal virus checks, and ran ccleaner, with no change. Out of ideas, the next time it happened I opened task manager, and found a chrome process using 95% of my CPU cycles. I ended the process, and my computer returned to normal. I continued browsing with task manager running until it happened again. Sure enough I had a chrome process using excessive CPU cycles. After a process elimination I found that it only happened when I opened preview pics on Imagebam. Whenever I did, a chrome process would start using more and more CPU cycles until It started to cause freezes. Closing the Imagebam tab does not stop the process, the only way I've found is to end it via task manager. I've only noticed this on Imagebam links so far, its possible others are doing it as well. So If you've been experiencing weird freezes while browsing the site, take a look in task manager and see if your browser is hogging your CPU.
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