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Post Link Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:51 pm Subject: Rules for Models Pictures section
Rules for Models High Definition Videos section

This section is for Picture Sets arranged by models.

First post
  • Thread title should contain only model name and her aliases.
  • First post should contain model information and few model preview pictures.
    Please post wide pictures which can be easily viewed without redirection to picture sharing service.
  • Don't post anything except model info and previews in the first post of thread.
  • Links to 3rd party model's databases are not allowed!

All other posts
  • One post should contain only one set
  • All posts should contain:
    • Set title. Sets without official title should contain site name and set ID (if it's available).
    • Full date of release.
    • Photos resolution and number of images.
    • At least 3 and no more than 10 sample images (The full set should be available for download from allowed file-sharing service. Don't upload full set to picture sharing services).
  • All information shouldn't be masked (eg. sc3n3 [email protected] from [email protected])
  • Compilations are not allowed

Download links

Same content rules
  • Don't post the same content in the same resolution uploaded to already posted file-sharing service
  • Edit your posts if you want to reupload file or add mirrors. Don't post the same content again!

Don't forget to check the Full forum rules.
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