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Post Link Fri Jun 10, 2016 8:24 pm Subject: Nine Inch Nails reMIXes by rbn
nine inch nails - Year Zero - 00000010 (One Zero)


hyperpower! (to the people)
the beginning of the end (starts with me)
survialism (vs tribalism)
the good soldier (kills at will)
vessel (getting hard)
me, i'm not (you)
capital g (lowercase me)
my violent heart (beating fast)
the warning (fuck it all)
god given (regifted)
meet your master (meet me)
the greater good (getting worse)
the great destroyer (i am)
another version of the truth (version #666)
in this twilight (we all die)
zero sum (shame on me)
zero sum (shame on god)

This is the ultimate remix edition of Year Zero!
Listen at your own risk.
rbn is not responsible for any lost wages, relationships or property resulting from addictive listening to the Y3AR Z3R0 00000010 remix :D

Big thanks to Trent Reznor for releasing this music in a form necessary for these remixes.

Input Technical Specs:
The original MultiTrack files used to remix are Stereo, WAV files @ 44,100Hz available through which is no longer accessible.

Output Technical Specs:
WAV files are cut for CD burning at 0 Second Track Spacing so the songs flow nicely. The songs do not crossfade but I prefer to keep heads bobbin' throughout ;)

FLAC files are rendered from the original output files at the default setting of 5.

MP3 files are 320K, Dual Channel Stereo, CBR @ 44,100Hz.

The FLAC and MP3 files have a 2 second space at the beginning and the end of each track.

The artwork is included in the RAR files.
The Cover Image is a single fold 2858 x 1429 JPG @ 300 DPI ready to print
The CD Label is 1429 x 1429 PNG @ 300 DPI ready to print with Lightscribe.

All files are in RAR Archives. When extracted, each format has it's own folder in a main folder. Artwork is located in the Main Folder.


WAVs on OpenLoad

FLACs on OpenLoad

MP3 163MB
MP3s on OpenLoad
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Post Link Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:35 pm Subject: Re: Nine Inch Nails reMIXed by rbn
nine inch nails - The Slip (meMIX)


01 - 999,999
02 - 1,000,000
03 - Letting You
04 - Discipline
05 - Echoplex
06 - Head Down
07 - Lights In The Sky
08 - Corona Radiata
09 - The Four Of Us Are Dying
10 - Demon Seed

Full color artwork included in the archive files.
1429px @ 300 DPI
Also, a PNG CD Label included for LightScribe printing.

270 MB
FLAC (default setting 5)
FLAC on OpenLoad

120 MB
320 Kb Dual Channel Stereo MP3
MP3 on OpenLoad
MP3 on DepositFiles