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Post Link Thu May 22, 2014 3:31 pm Subject: Screenshots must contain Video/Movie Resolution Information
Screenshot(s) must contain Video/Movie Resolution Information.
Rule added 6/14/2011

If a post(s) does not contain this information upon 1st review the AmadeusOnline staff can and will trash the post.
This includes posts with the resolution stated in the text, but not in the screenshot. Simply put, any failure to include resolution info in your screenshot means your post will be auto-trashed when found.

Understand, if Staff has to repeatedly request the inclusion of screenshot(s) with resolution information in a member's posts, that member is subject to a potential ban and/or all of their posts removed.
Note: A single pic is not a screen shot

We have had plenty of instances of members posting videos and saying it was HD in the text when the screenshots and video was in sub HD. This new rule has been added because the Staff and Members have had enough:)

If you need help setting up you screenshot maker show info, please make a post in the Help Center Section!
We are always willing to work with every member. We do not want to ban anyone ;)
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