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Rules For Softcore image section
Last Update: 22 Feb 2019

Section specific rules

Softcore images only
  • This section is for softcore images. Softcore images DO NOT depict any sex scenes.
  • Full Non-sexual Solo Nudity is acceptable
  • Images of people Kissing/cuddling is acceptable
  • Any post must have at least 3 preview images.
  • :!: All sets should be available for download from one of allowed filehosts
  • :!: No mixed stuff for single-set topics
  • Amateur & Pornstar images are allowed in this section as long as they are softcore images.
  • DO NOT post Celebrity images is this section

Softcore Voyeurism is acceptable
  • Voyeurism is sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors such as undressing, sexual activity, or other activity usually considered to be of a private nature
  • Remember keep it softcore

Passwords are allowed!
  • If you decide to password protect your files, please post the password for it.
  • Any thread that does not have the password clearly displayed will be trashed.

Forum-wide rules

  • Any member posting underage material will be BANNED.
  • Any questionable material is subject to review at any time (Note: member needs to be able to Provide Proof that content has Legal 18+ Females/Males)

NO Banned content
  • NO R ape (fantasy or not)
  • NO Bestiality.
  • NO She-male, Trans sexual or Gay content. Futa content is allowed in the Hentai section and Anime images section ONLY.
  • NO Extreme Torture.
  • NO Pee or Scat.
  • Any other material that is illegal or sickening.

NO Bumping, Spamming, Flooding, Hijacking or multi-accounts
  • Bumping is posting a reply with the sole intention of raising the thread's profile. i.e. get the thread back to the top of the forum.
  • Spamming is the repeated posting of the same content over and over.
  • Flooding is when 80% or more of a page is covered in 1 users posts.
  • Highjacking is posting your links or images in any other members thread in effort to move the focus of the thread to your content.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed. Any users found with multiple accounts will be banned.

NO cashlinks, streaming links or phishing
  • Posts with cash-links will be trashed without warning.
  • This means links for images and download links.
  • Posting redirecting links to avoid cash-link hosts is not allowed.
  • Streaming links are not allowed to be posted anywhere on the forum.
  • False links to phishing sites are not allowed.
  • Cashlinks & phishing are banned on this board for a reason, you break this rule and we will ban you permanently.

Please Image any Phishing links, dead links, or any post(s) that is illegal or contains banned content.

Don't forget to check the Full forum rules.
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