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Post Link Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:30 am Subject: Other Shares Section Rules (Updated: February 2014)
Rules For OTHER SHARES section.
Last Updated: February 08, 2014

No XXX Adult Material *
Any Adult Movies, Videos, Pictures, Magazines, or Games posted in this section will be trashed.
Note: Member will be warned once & next time will be banned.

Allowed Content for Other Shares section includes:

  • Movies, Documentaries & Videos
  • TV Series, Music & Music Videos
  • Games & eBooks
  • (All Magazines go in the Magazines section, found Here)
  • (All Comics go in the Anime Images section, found Here)
  • Scripts, Templates, & Wallpapers
  • Applications

Section specific rules

#1: All videos & movies must be accompanied with a screenshot.

Examples include:

One: A screenshot combination preview.
(Quick, easy & has everything anyone needs to know about the file in it.)


Two: Actual screenshot. (Must have at least two of these.)



#2A: All posts must contain file information in text form.

  • Movie & Videos: Type (MP4, AVI, WMV), Resolution & File size.
  • Music posts: Track list, Picture of CD cover, type of music file (MP3, FLAC, APE..etc) bit rate & File size
  • TV Series: See Below
  • Games & eBooks: Pages, number & type of ebook/game & File size
  • Applications: File size & any relevant information needed to install it.

#2B: TV Series:

Due to the large number of links involved in posting a TV series (by season or single show),
screenshots are not required but file information is.

Example: The Mentalist - Season 1
All episodes: Avi - 624x352 - 550MB

The days of a DVD cover or a single picture, no file info and a bunch of links are over.
If you do not include file information, you will get a warning....
Ignore the warning, and you will be banned and your posts deleted.
Remember: What you take a month to post can be deleted in seconds.

#3: NO DOUBLE POSTING..! (By link or content)

You are allowed one topic by content.
If you post (for example) The Mentalist Season 1, that's it for you.
If those links die, you must fix the links in the original topic.
We've noticed the new habit of just posting it over and over with a new set of links,
and we are getting tired of members having 8 topics of the same content
with 8 completely different sets of working links. (Applies to all links from all filehosts)

You post a discography...that's it.
New content will be added to the original topic you made.
Dead links will be replaced in the original topic and that topic only.

Forum-wide rules

NO Bumping, Spamming, Flooding, Hijacking or Multiple Accounts
  • Bumping is posting a reply with the sole intention of raising the thread's profile. (i.e. to move the thread back to the top of the forum.)
  • Spamming is the repeated posting of the same content over and over.
  • Flooding is when 80% or more of a page is covered in 1 users posts.
  • Hijacking is posting your links or images in any other members thread in effort to move the focus of the thread to your content.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed. Any users found with multiple accounts will be banned.

NO cashlinks, streaming links or phishing
  • Posts with cash-links will be trashed without warning.
  • This means links for images and download links.
  • Posting redirecting links to avoid cash-link hosts is not allowed.
  • Streaming links are not allowed to be posted anywhere on the forum.
  • False links to phishing sites are not allowed.
  • Cashlinks & phishing are banned on this board for a reason, you break this rule and we will ban you permanently.

Please Image any Phishing links, dead links, or any post(s) that is illegal or contains banned content.

Don't forget to check the Full Forum Rules.
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Post Link Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:23 pm Subject: Re: Other Shares Section Rules (Updated: 11/16/11)
Link to section and rule added about proper location to post comics.
I failed to add it when I originally made this thread.