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Post Link Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:00 pm Subject: Music Videos and Talk Show Footage --> Other Shares!
Effective immediately, all music video and talk show footage, and regular clips of non-nude actresses from mainstream TV, is to be posted in Other Shares.

Only if there is NUDITY, or particularly see-through or sexy nipple/bikini shots (that are not music video or talk show based) in the video do they get posted in Celebrity Videos, otherwise they go HERE.

This board is not to become a link dump for every bit of quasi-celebrity footage that someone has managed to rip or cap. Regular clips of actresses from mainstream TV shows doesn't cut it, either. Please post QUALITY material here only, such as nudity of actual celebrities from mainstream movies.


We will begin TRASHING any posts here that violate this rule. Please post this material in Other Shares if you want it to stay active for very long.

As always, normal Celebrity Videos Section Rules and porn-W Forum Rules still apply to all posts.

Thank you for your cooperation. 8)
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