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File host relations
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Post Link Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:44 pm Subject: Porn Request rules - Updated 08/08/2011
Porn Request rules - Last updated 04/08/2011
Failure to read these rules will result in your thread being trashed. Repeat offenders will be warned and eventually banned.

1. To make a request of any kind you must have at least 10 meaningful posts.

  • If you have posted a video or some pictures, then this will count toward your meaningful posts.
  • If you have answered any questions in the 'Who's that girl' or 'Porn Requests' section then this will also count toward your meaningful posts.
  • Posts such as 'Thank you' and anything else which has not been mentioned above will not count as meaningful posts.

2. You may only make a maximum of 2 requests per day. If you make more than 2, they will be deleted.

3. Do not request any newly released content until 21 days (3 weeks) after the release date.

4. Do not bump your requests within 14 days of your last post. After 14 days have passed, you may bump your topic back up to the top.

5. If a request is not fulfilled after 90 days, the thread may trashed at any time.

6. Do not PM Moderators or Administrators with requests. We have other things to do!

Have fun out there!
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